Paula Gott is an ordained minister, freelance biblical researcher, and author.
She currently serves as an Archbishop with the Essene Nazarean Church of
Mount Carmel, a 501(c) 3 religious organization that provides Internet ministry,
education, and ordination services to church members and students
throughout the world. (

She is a graduate of Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri. She
received Bachelor of Science degrees in education (1976) and psychology with
a minor in writing (1986).
The purpose of our investigation and research is to find accurate and
supportable answers to age-old questions about Christianity, its
genesis, its evolution, and its future.

What is the "Truth" about Christianity and the doctrine it claims?
Did the orthodox doctrine come from the teachings of Jesus?
Or are they merely
about Jesus?
Does it matter?

Other far more accomplished researchers have provided evidence that
the "original doctrines" taught by Jesus and his followers were
rejected and destroyed. Prominent among these scholars are Robert
Eisenman, Bart Ehrman, Graham Hancock, and Michael Baigent. They
have translated and/or researched the Dead Sea Scrolls and the texts
from Nag Hammadi and demonstrated that there was a form of early
"Christianity" that had been lost to history until the discovery of these
buried texts.

What we've done is very different. Quite by accident we discovered a
coded message in Luke-Acts and the Book of Revelation that supports
and expands the alternate form of Christianity found in the ancient
texts rejected by the early church.

Here's how it works:

The gospel writer "Luke" left name, location, and story clues that lead
to other historians who were writing at the same time about the same
topics. Those "other historians" are:

Josephus the Jewish historian;
Plutarch the Greek historian;
Philo of Alexandria, the Jewish-Pythagorean historian;
Damis of Nineveh, the biographer of Apollonius of Tyana,
a Pythagorean philosopher and teacher.

Luke provided a "thread" which was then picked up by Josephus,
Plutarch, Philo, or Damis. Sometimes the same thread is found in the
writings of more than one of the other sources. These "intersections"
of a single thread then lead to a story or a report of the people and
events also found in Luke's gospel or the Acts of the Apostles.
Weaving the new threads with Luke's original thread reveals the story
these people were determined to preserve against all odds. Their work
and their teachings were under attack from a strong and well-funded
Enemy whom they also name.

Books by Gott

Enchanted Circle, a mystery novel written in 2001

Jesus: Master of Science, Lessons of Light, 2002

Gabriel's Gift: The Message and Mysteries in Luke & Acts, 2003

Plutarch's Parable: Lux Gospel and the Axe of the Apostle, 2004

Anna's Angel, 2005

Luke's Light: The Goddess Queen in the Bible, 2007

The Life and Adventures of Little Water Molly Cule,
Illustrations by Karen Christensen, a children's book,

Josephus' Jesus

His Royal Blood and His Bride


Our latest book is

Josephus' Jesus
His Royal Blood and His Bride

It is a step-by-step rebuilding of Luke's secret message: The names
of the historical Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and their Royal families.
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